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About The Company

Opus Gaming, established in 2009, is one of the leading Asian Live Casino games developer. The company additionally offers online sports betting solutions, slot games and Keno, though live gaming remains their specialty.

Finding home for Opus products was not at all difficult thanks to the developer’s extensive range coupled with an excellent platform, high streaming quality and well-trained dealers. Though primarily targeting China and other Asian markets, Opus live games are now also starting to appear in casinos catering to European players.

Operating license has been issued by , an organisation which takes player and fraud protections very seriously.

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Quick Facts


Live Dealer Games Offered By Opus Gaming

Opus Gaming offers a diverse portfolio of live casino games popular in Asia, but also those universally favoured across the globe. Real-time video streaming is done with high quality broadcasting facilities from a studio in Philippines, and all products made available 24/7.

The environment is tastefully decorated without going overboard with traditional Asian branding, as is often seen with providers targeting this particular market.

An intuitive interface offers plenty of options, including easy-to-find game rules. 3D experience is provided with selected games, and multi-table functionality enables players to play 3 games simultaneously. Unlike products from other live gaming developers, Opus games do not include live chat option.

The developer in no way restricts operators in terms of minimum and maximum bets and you’ll see them vary significantly from one gaming site to another.

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Opus Gaming Live Baccarat

Live Baccarat players get to pick not only the table and the dealer, but also their preferred seat. They can choose between commission and no-commission variant, the latter paying even money on Banker bets as well as the Player’s, except when the Banker wins with a hand of 6 and pays only half of the player’s stake. Available side bets include Pairs (paying 11:1), Big (0.53:1) and Small (1.54:1).

Live video feed takes up most of the screen, with 5 standard roadmaps displayed below. Being able to see other tables behind the one you’re playing at makes the experience even more realistic. Oversized cards are used to ensure maximum visibility.

There is an option to view video playback of one’s own game as well as other Baccarat tables. Live Squeeze Baccarat is the developer’s flagship product and is a variant extremely popular with Asian players. The squeezing process starts from the corner of a card, revealing the suit symbol and then pattern, without disclosing the exact value of the card.

Live 7 Up Baccarat is a unique variation in which the Player always starts with the first card equaling 7. Further cards are then dealt in the usual manner. Standard payouts are also different, so that Banker win with point total of 7 pays 1.5:1, and with any other total 1:1. Player win with point total of 7 pays 0.5:1, and any other total delivers even money. Tie with point total of 7 pays 9:1, otherwise 7:1. Super 7’s side bets win when multiple 7s are dealt, paying as much as 777:1 for a set of six.

Opus Gaming Live Roulette

Live Roulette is a standard European issue with a single zero and no extras. When launching the game, players are offered to choose between 3 options in terms of betting limits. There are also 3 viewing modes to pick from, and 2 quality options.

Video feed displays your dealer and the physical wheel, with a computer-generated betting table placed immediately below. Players can save their preferred bet pattern up to four times, and take advantage of a collapsible digital image of the wheel to place one-click bets on Jeu 0, Voisins du 0, Tier du Cylindre and Orphelins. An audio and visual timer has been included to let you know how long you’ve got to make a decision. Overall, the interface is pretty basic but extremely user-friendly.

Opus Gaming Live Blackjack

Opus Gaming doesn’t offer standard 7-seat Live Blackjack, only a multi-player one-to-many game variant. Four positions have been offered to allow betting on multiple hands. Dealer stands on all 17’s and Blackjack pays 3:2. Players can double down only on 2 cards totalling 11. When basic strategy recommends splitting, one must do so in order to continue playing their hand; otherwise, they’ll have to surrender and will consequently receive 80% of their stake back. Available side bets include Mixed (6:1), Coloured (12:1) and Perfect Pairs (25:1).

Opus Gaming Live Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a fast-paced three-dice game with Asian roots, so it’s only natural to see it included in Opus’ portfolio. Players can place Big and Small, Total, Combination, Single, Double and Triple bets, the latter paying as much as 150:1.

All payouts are shown on the betting table so one can easily see what a particular bet type is capable of delivering. Icons positioned in the top right corner offer an overview of last 14 results, information on table limits, and an option to play other games at the same time.

Camera zooms in on the glass container once the dice start spinning, and even though this will provide more than a decent view of the resulting outcome, a nice little animation is additionally used to “throw” dice with the winning numbers on the digitally represented betting table. Nice touch, that.

Opus Gaming Live Fish Prawn Crab

Fish Prawn Crab is another dice game and very similar to Sic Bo, except that it uses dice with animals instead of numbers. One can also bet on Big / Small, Totals, Specific Double, Any Triple, and Specific Triple.

Opus Gaming Live Dragon Tiger

Dragon Tiger can be described as a two-card version of Baccarat, or an Asian version of Casino War, if you prefer. Dragon and Tiger are each dealt a single card, and whichever is higher, wins. The layout of the game closely resembles that of Live Baccarat.

Opus Gaming Live Texas Hold’em Poker

Live Texas Hold’em is a game version where it’s you against the dealer. On top of the usual bets, one can also place Bonus and Jackpot bets. Bonus bet pays 25:1 for AK suited, 30:1 for AA in player’s hand, and 1,000:1 for AA in both hands.

Opus Gaming Live Three Pictures

Three Pictures could be described as an odd version of Three Card Poker. The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s 3-card hand, with three Kings being the highest ranked one and followed by number of pictures and total numerical values (pictures and 10 equal zero, other cards are worth their face value).

One can bet on a straightforward win (paying 1:1), or on being dealt 3 pictures (16:1). Supported side bets include Player/Dealer Straight Flush (40:1), 3-of-a-kind (30:1), Straight (6:1) and Flush (3:1).

Opus Gaming Live Lottery

Live Lottery uses 27 balls numbered from 1-9 and coloured either yellow, green or blue. Each of the three glass containers draws one. Players can stake their money on individual numbers, sum and range, and place a variety of other bets such as Big / Small, Odd / Even, Pair, Triplet, Straight, and so on.

History of last 9 draws is displayed to the right of the video feed, practical betting table placed below, and several roadmaps positioned on the very bottom.

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