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MicroGaming Live Dealer Games & Casinos Reviewed

About The Company

Microgaming is a true pioneer of the online gambling scene and largely to thank for the variety and quality casino fans get to enjoy these days.

The team has kept themselves very busy since the company was founded in 1994, and as a result currently provide more than 800 casino games available at over 700 gaming sites.

Being the first developer to launch mobile casino software in 2004, Microgaming has so far made 350+ of their titles playable on a variety of smartphones and tablets.

They’ve recognised the growing need for an in-home replica of land-based gambling experience and in 2006 started adding live dealer games to their massive portfolio. Microgaming operates with licenses issued by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

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Quick Facts


Live Games Offered by MicroGaming

Microgaming delivers their live games from studios in Canada and Philippines. Upgrades done in 2010 disposed of the blue screen background and transferred tables onto a stylish gaming floor, thus creating a more realistic casino environment. Well-designed Lobby gives an overview of available tables, along with information such as betting range and basic statistics.

The quality of HD video streaming can be adjusted to low, moderate or high, depending on the player’s connection speed. Microgaming premium-quality live products come complete with flexible settings and a variety of features.

Live Chat function is, sadly, not included. Well-crafted interface provides auto-bet functionality, enables multi-table play, and offers full statistical analysis. Players are given the option to mute the dealer, the music, as well as automatic voice prompts informing them when a game starts and ends.

Notifications are given when seats become available, which is a nice touch.

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Microgaming Live Roulette

Prior to joining European Live Roulette, players can choose among games with different betting limits (at Casino Sieger you’ll find them going as low as €0.5 for Straight and €5 for even-money bets) and select either Game View or Casino View.

The first introduces your dealer with a few information displayed in the top right corner, just above the table’s betting limits. On the left-hand side you’ll find brief statistics which include history of Red/Green/Black, High/Low and Odd/Even outcomes, along with Hot and Cold numbers.

More detailed statistics can be accessed by using View Full Statistics tab. Video feed is nestled between the two, while the betting table occupies the bottom part of the screen. Casino view will make you feel as if standing next to an actual physical table, even though everything except for the wheel is represented by a digital image. Microgaming’s Live Roulette delivers an immersive experience with the help of multiple cameras and automatic angle alternations.

Players are given about 15 seconds to place their bets, and should they fail do so for ten consecutive rounds, the software will rate them inactive and escort back to the Lobby. In 2013, the developer has launched a unique Playboy suite consisting of Live Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat games hosted by attractive dealers dressed in bunny outfits.

Though rules are the same as in standard variants, Playboy branding applied over various elements creates a special kind of atmosphere. Betting limits are set to appeal to high rollers.

Microgaming Live Blackjack

Standard 7-seat Blackjack plays with 8 decks and uses a manual shoe. Blackjack pays 3:2, the dealer takes only one card and stands on soft 17. Players can double down only on hands totaling 9, 10 or 11, split pairs and Aces, take Insurance, and Bet Behind seated participants.

Those opting for the latter might appreciate being shown which players have recently enjoyed hot streaks. Insurance is offered on the dealer’s Ace and pays 2:1.

The authenticity of the game is enhanced by being able to see other tables behind the one you’re playing at. One can change table views, switch to full screen mode, and even play at multiple tables simultaneously. With only 15 seconds given to place bets, you’ll find that the game plays fast even with when the table is fully occupied.

Microgaming Live Baccarat

Microgaming provides single and multi-player Baccarat tables, all using 8 decks which are manually shuffled. Rules are typical of standard Punto Banco. Only one hand is dealt to both Player and the Banker, and 5% commission charged on all winning Banker wagers.

The standard variant offers Banker and Player Pairs side bets, while Live Bonus Baccarat additionally features Dragon Bonus bet which pays up to 30:1 based on the point difference between Player and Banker hand.

Participants can keep track of the game with the help of three scoreboard patterns and detailed History for the current shoe. One can additionally access personal history and see their own win and loss patterns along with the amount of money spent thus far.

Oversized cards are one of many indicators of the developer’s attention to small yet important details which positively contribute to players’ experience. View of the game can be changed so that live feed occupies the entire screen, or shrunken to fit the video between collapsible Big Road, Bead Road, Big Eye Boy, Small and Cockroach Roads on either side.

When playing at Casino Sieger, you’ll be offered to invest between €1 and €1,000. Having placed your chips on the table, don’t forget to confirm the wager or you might be kicking yourself seconds later.

Microgaming Live Casino Hold’em

Live Casino Hold’em uses a single deck and all participants play the same hand. Standard rules apply, with the addition of AA side bet which pays independently of the main game’s outcome.

The side bet wins with a pair of Aces or higher. Same as with Live Roulette, players can switch between Game View and Casino View, and benefit from on-screen History and Statistics. Live Casino Hold’em features a simple and intuitive interface even first-time players will find easy to use.

Microgaming Live Sic Bo

Live Sic Bo features strong Asian design with rich reds and golds supporting the feel of participating in an exclusive game. You’ll see history displayed to the left of the video feed, with statistics on the right.

At most live online casinos the betting range starts at only €0.5, making the game widely accessible, and goes up to €360. Small bets are numbers 4 to 10, Big bets 11 to 17, and should any Triple appear, Big/Small and Even/Odd wagers will lose.

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About The Product & FAQ

Languages Offered

Most gambling sites will offer Microgaming live dealer games in English, but it doesn’t mean that’s the only language this developer supports. In fact, they’ve made their products available in about 20 different languages in order to cater to the worldwide audience. At the same time, Microgaming has not gone as far in terms of localisations as some of their competitors.

Platform Overview

Even though Microgaming makes hundreds of their games playable on Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets, their live offering seems to only be available via desktops and laptops.

Live Dealers

Elegant dealers dressed in black (or alternatively in sexy Playboy costumes) will usually face players with a smile on their faces. They are reasonably talkative, even if lack of Chat function makes it a one-way street instead of a dialogue.

Greeting you as a “new player” rather than by name feels kind of impersonal, but that’s down to participants being represented by numbers rather than their chosen nicknames.

Competitive Advantages and Points of Difference

In terms of variety, Microgaming life offering scores a tad above average, with the inclusion of Casino Hold’em and Sic Bo somewhat compensating for the fact they don’t offer unique Roulette variants nor unlimited Blackjack.

Production quality is on a high level, as one would expect from such an accomplished company. At the same time, the games themselves hardly stand out, with the only exception being Playboy Live Dealer.

Live Chat option is an important social element of live dealer games and it’s odd to see Microgaming choosing not to add it to their range. It’s equally unusual to find online casino games not accessible via mobile devices.

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